Goal: To produce high quality academic outputs (grants, papers and PhD Students) which impact on the health and wellbeing of the Greater Manchester population and the healthcare systems they use.

a) Discovery science

We work across all MAHSC domains to increase knowledge about the factors which underpin disease causation, progression and response to treatment, by developing and applying novel epidemiological, statistical and informatic approaches to the analysis of unique databases which link clinical, biological, imaging and environmental information about patients.

b) Translational research

A number of additional academic leadership appointments in the IPH are planned in primary care, public health and informatics; this will support bridging the second translational gap within MAHSC. University promotions procedures are designed to explicitly incentivise and reward knowledge mobilisation. In addition, UoM and supports policy@manchester, a University-wide network, established to capture and disseminate information on the many ways in which UoM research informs policy in the public and private sectors. A subsidiary network captures impacts specifically relating to health policy. Activities include an annual week-long festival; blogs; twitter feed; and web links to key people, groups and activities across UoM.

c) Consultation and Engagement

We will continue to run the successful citizen scientist programme in Salford with an aim to have 3,000 people signed up by the end of 2015, and we aim to expand this across the MAHSC population by 2017 if there is funding to do this. We would want to see Salford as a hub for this activity to provide support and expertise and lead in this area; we will act as a test bed for the use of the ‘federated data platform’ for research and support its wider use in MAHSC.