Greater Manchester Research Hub

GM Research Hub: Faster, Easier and Better Clinical Research

Exploiting the exciting opportunities that the Greater Manchester Devolution agenda brings and the solid foundation on which the  MAHSC Research Office has been built, we have been leading on the development of a one stop shop for delivering high quality, high impact clinical research across Greater Manchester – The Greater Manchester Research Hub.


The Greater Manchester Research Hub for Clinical Research is a one-stop shop to:

  • Faster contracting and costing between internal partners and external collaborators
  • Easy Access to Expertise, Infrastructure and Patient Cohorts across Greater Manchester
  • Better Processes, faster initiation, easier delivery of high quality clinical research to time and target.

Through the Research Hub, we have:

  • A single access point to all Trust and University R&D Depts across MAHSC partners
  • A central knowledge base for Research Governance, Regulatory Approval and General Research advice for all researchers.
  • Streamlined contracting and costing processes enabling faster initiation of commercial clinical trials in Manchester
  • A single access point to the right expertise and infrastructure (CRFs/CTU/Imaging) to deliver high quality clinical research from discovery to implementation
  • An up-to-date data warehouse that provides a clear understanding of research activity across the partnership for strategic developments
  • Strategic and Operational Oversight of MAHSC Research through KPIs and Dashboards
  • Integration with MAHSC Education and Training to deliver research capability building programmes that meet the needs of our researchers and research administrators (Clinical Trials Training Days, Research Administration Peer Exchange Programmes)

This activity is co-ordinated with NIHR CRN:GM and GMAHSN Innovation Nexus to maximise opportunities for industry and investor engagement.

Use the Hub’s Clinical Research Resources

To help you implement your clinical research more efficiently, the Research Hub is developing a suite of relevant, practical and up to date advice and tools. So far, the Clinical Researchers’ Resource Library includes items such as a research governance monitoring tool and a code of practice dealing with intellectual property management. More tools will be added over time.

Click here to access the Clinical Researchers’ Resource Library.

Internal Peer Review for Research for Patient Benefit Grants

The Research Hub co-ordinates an internal peer review service to enhance the competitiveness of RfPB grant applications from MAHSC members. The service also aims to improve quality by providing critical evaluation of applications in their final draft stage.

The virtual internal peer review panel is made up of researchers, from different disciplines with relevant RfPB experience, from across the MAHSC partnership. Submission of draft RfPB applications to the internal peer review system is compulsory for researchers employed at CMFT or the university.

R&D Departments must be involved at an early stage in the preparation of applications to ensure that all finance streams and details are correct.

The internal review process works as follows:

  • PIs should work with their R&D Departments or Divisional Research Managers (at CMFT) to
    prepare an application.
  • All paperwork, including a completed draft grant application form, should then be submitted electronically to Louise Berry.
  • The proposal will be sent out to appropriate panel reviewers who will provide comments
    within 14 working days (excluding Bank Holidays).
  • Anonymised feedback will be sent to the PI, with a copy to their R&D contact within their trust, no
    later than one week prior to the NIHR submission deadline.
  • PIs can then make revisions to the proposal in light of the reviewers’ comments.

These are the final timelines for submission to the internal peer review process and have been set to allow sufficient time for applicants to incorporate any necessary changes. If your application is ready for review at an earlier stage, please submit your proposal and we will endeavour to arrange early peer review.

This procedure should bring about an increase in the quality of proposals and with it higher success rates.  The impact and user friendliness of this service will continue to be monitored and changes made where appropriate. We welcome your feedback; please send your comments to the Greater Manchester Research Hub via Louise Berry.

Competition 34 NIHR Research for Patient Benefit is now open for MAHSC review click here for more information.

Greater Manchester's Routemap for Planning Clinical Trials

Are you planning a clinical trial? The Greater Manchester Routemap for Planning Clinical Trials is a great new resource to help navigate this complex process. Watch the animation to find out more.

Are you a business planning a trial in Greater Manchester? Watch the animation below to find out more about the process:


At the heart of one of the UK’s three biomedical clusters, Manchester is known for its world firsts: the first hair replacement, first test tube baby, the world’s largest cancer trial.

More recently, we’ve been recognised as the first to offer a biological treatment for recovery after stroke and the isolation of graphene.

We are also proud of the role that Manchester is playing in delivering clinical research across the conurbation and our achievements speak for themselves.

One Manchester: Delivering Excellence in Clinical Research Across Greater Manchester

Taking a ‘One Manchester’ approach our ambition is that Greater Manchester becomes a world-leading location for undertaking clinical research, driven by the opportunities of DevoManc where a single health economy provides an excellent and efficient system to deliver clinical research at pace and scale, and where every patient is provided the opportunity to be involved with research because it is at the heart of our innovative clinical practice delivering both better health outcomes and economic growth.

The Greater Manchester Research Hub facilitates research by increasing the opportunities for collaboration both within the Greater Manchester footprint and with external stakeholders. This involves working with organisations such as the NIHR LCRN for Greater Manchester and the Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Network to ensure we connect the right people with the right research infrastructure to deliver high quality, high impact research to time and target.

The Greater Manchester Research Hub adds value to research by being:

  • A central access point to research expertise and infrastructure across Greater Manchester.
  • A mobiliser of research communities to achieve shared goals and objectives.
  • A reliable and consistent source of information for researchers and those who support them.


The MAHSC Clinical Trials Unit (MAHSC-CTU) is an essential core resource for clinical and academic investigators and provides a wide range of services supporting the conduct of investigator-initiated clinical trials across Greater Manchester, the North West and the UK.

Find out more.

Meet the team

Biography for Professor Colin Sibley, MAHSC Research Director

Biography for Dr Lloyd Gregory, Associate Director of Research

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