MAHSC’s vision for education and training recognises that major improvements to patient care require the concerted action of interdisciplinary teams of highly trained healthcare professionals who are skilled practitioners, researchers, innovators and leaders.

The MAHSC Education theme spans undergraduate and postgraduate education as well as staff training and development.

MAHSC therefore strives to achieve the highest standards of education and training for all healthcare professionals at all levels; to embed research, innovation and leadership training in our undergraduate, postgraduate and CPD programmes; to support the career progression of our clinical academic workforce; and, through education and training, to nurture a culture of compassionate and patient-centred care.




  • To provide all MAHSC staff with opportunities to enhance their skills and progress their careers through continuing professional development
  • To provide opportunities for healthcare professionals across MAHSC to combine research with their clinical training and practice
  • To provide opportunities for healthcare professionals across MAHSC to learn more about the science that underpins quality improvement and to put this learning into practice
  • To provide training and support to encourage innovation in healthcare delivery
  • To equip healthcare professionals across MAHSC with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the challenges of changing patterns of service delivery, patient demographics, health economics and digital healthcare information


Case study

At the MAHSC Our Impact on Health conference in December 2014, we engaged with local schools to develop students’ knowledge of the health problems that affect their areas and encourage them to consider innovative strategies to improve wellbeing in their communities. Find out more in the video below.