Population health & implementation

Our overarching aim is to improve population health, patient safety and reduce inequalities through high-quality research, education, partnerships and large-scale implementation of change across the MAHSC partnership and to work with the Academic Health Science Network to influence the wider footprint of Greater Manchester.

The Population health and implementation domain seeks to improve health outcomes in a region known to have considerable health needs.

The population of Greater Manchester has very significant health needs resulting in considerable increases in demand for public services at a time when there is increasing pressure on budgets. Local authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups(CCGs) and NHS provider organisations need to be able to identify and implement affordable interventions which improve population health and reduce inequalities, whilst also improving quality and maximising efficiencies in health care. This is a significant challenge which MAHSC aims to address through the Population health and implementation domain.

Our domain is led by Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, working closely with The University of Manchester’s Institute of Population Health (IPH) and Salford CCG. Project management support is provided by Haelo, Salford’s Innovation and Improvement Science Centre. We are also closely connected with partners in local government and public health. 

The domain leadership act on behalf of the partners to identify population health priorities from research and feed this back to the MAHSC board for discussion to agree final domain priorities. We provide system coordination to the partners involved in delivery of improvement to optimise our collective assets, deliver demonstration projects to show proof of concept, support spread of innovative ideas, advise on large-scale change and build capability in improvement methods across MAHSC partner organisations. Working with the IPH provides access to the latest evidence to inform our strategy and serves as an expert resource for the development of research proposals to address complex population health and implementation challenges.

Collectively, the MAHSC partnership delivers healthcare to over 3.5 million people. A significant proportion of the population of Greater Manchester live in our localities in Salford, Central and South Manchester, and we also have two tertiary trusts which provide specialist mental health and cancer care in the region. As such we have disproportionate influence on the regional footprint and a responsibility to aggressively innovate to prevent illness and improve the quality of services we deliver. Our partnership with the Academic Health Science Network provides a coherent framework for spread of innovations from MAHSC to the wider footprint of Greater Manchester.

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